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Alaró, Mallorca


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Alaró has its origin in the Muslim farmstead of Oloron. The documented history begins in the XIII Century, from the conquest of Mallorca, and revolves around his castle.

During the occupation of the Catalan Kingdom of Majorca, resisted the Castle of Alaro. Guillem Cabrit and Guillem Bassa, who after being captured, were sentenced by King Alfonso to roast over coals die, such as the surname of one of the defenders of the Castle, during which the resistance was not recognized as the invading king Alfonso del Reino de Mallorca.

The charming landscape of Alaró is perfect for hiking. Distinguished by their tradition, excursions to Castell d'Alaro, which can be accessed on foot from Alaro and at its peak there are remains of the Christian fortress of this key site and remains of underground reservoirs Muslims: and East (which belongs to Bunyola) called for passage of S'Escaleta. Other interesting excursions are of the Puig de S'Alcadena and Clot of Almedrà that next Lloseta, is one of the most beautiful places in the township.

All restaurants and bars are can be found in the village, except the restaurants are Verger, and Es Castell Hotel Rural S'Olivaret.

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Alaró, Mallorca,