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South East - Santanyí, Mallorca

S'Amarador is a swarth of white sand situated within walking distance of the more popular beach of Cala de ses Fonts de n'Alís.

This area was declared a National Park in 1992 and so it is beautifully unspoiled.

The beach has soft fine-grained sand, with a gentle slope, and is backed by sand dunes and pines. Being less crowded, due to its size, and with safe waters it is loved by families.

Close by is a freshwater pond which is filled from the torrent that flows into the sea.

Psst! The re-introduction of the land turtle started here in 1985

Facilities: toilets, showers and sun loungers plus a beach kiosko.

Anchoring: not recommended due to shallow waters.

How to get there: By car it is easy due to plenty of sign posts.

Access: Park at the designated area and then walk to the beach. Or walk from the nearby (and more crowded beach) of Sa Font de n’Alis.



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s'Amarador s'Amarador s'Amarador

s'Amarador, Santanyí, Mallorca